I thought of you today but that’s nothing new..Remembering you one year on ❤️

“There in no glory in blessing you can not share with the ones you love” I wish I could share everything with you! Every blessing, Every heartbreak, every moment big or small, EVERYTHING! I know you see everything, I know I walk with an angel but it still doesn’t make it easier knowing you are not physically here. I can’t call your phone again, I won’t hear your voice again, I won’t see your face again, your physicality is no longer here on earth.. All i got is our great memories, voice notes and pictures and it’s still not enough, I’d rather you here but God know best & he give and takes at his own best time so I just have to trust in him. This picture was taken on the 11th of December 2016 and that was the last time I saw you, I wish we took more and i saved all our memories.. you alway cherished pictures and now I understand why. we spoke but it wasn’t enough or maybe I’m just ungrateful because at least I had the opportunity to stand by you and show you how much I loved you as you fought your great fight. One year on and it still hurts the same, it will always hurt the same. Thank you for everything, thank you for loving me the way you did, thank you for teaching me to make the most out of life whatever obstacles it throws at you! I have no blood sisters you was my first, soul sister connected by love and everything it radiates! I Miss You, We all do! Continue To Rest in God’s Grace Babygirl! A love like no other, my girl always and forever ❤️

2 thoughts on “I thought of you today but that’s nothing new..Remembering you one year on ❤️

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