This post was sitting unfinished for over a year, but since Sickle Cell Awareness month is coming to an end let me just be bold, finish it and post it! 

I always find myself getting frustrated because unfortunately, I was born with something I did not ask for. I would not wish this on my own enemy.
Sickle Cell Anemia.  Sucks right? I know. 

What is Sickle Cell Anemia?

Sickle cell disease changes normal, round red blood cells into cells that can be shaped like crescent moons. The name “sickle cell” comes from the crescent shape of the cells. (A sickle is a tool with a crescent-shaped blade).

Normal red blood cells are a donut shape which allows them to move easily through your blood vessels, taking oxygen to every part of your body but SCD sickled cells are a cresent shape and this variation in shape prevents adequate oxygen reaching vital organs which in turn could damage the oxygen deprived organs. During painful crisis the cresent shape blood cells stick togther clogging blood vessels, preventing blood flow.  (For more info : or

Imagine how I feel everyday knowing that this sickness will never go away. 
I have to deal with the fact that everything I do in my day to day life may cause me to have a crisis, Things that the ordinary person may take for granted.  I always tell myself that I cannot allow such to control me but I always seem to find myself crumbling.  One of the hardest things about living with my condition is having to deal with ignorance, being judged about something I simply Have no control over.  I feel like the lack of awareness is what contributes to people’s ignorance.  

Unfortunately, Sicke Cell Anemia those not have a cure that is readily accessible go sufferers, Sickle Cell is and always has been a prevelant struggle within the afro-carribean community and this is why I’m still shocked that we have issues with awareness. 

“Why does it only affect black people” this is a question that i have deal with from my fellow caucasian folks. I DON’T KNOW! 

It is even more perplexing having to answer that question when it come from people who share the same ethnic background as me. I mean… Of course it is not of their own doing however why should I have to explain myself constantly!

 I feel like my fellow sufferers and I are boxed up and pushed to one corner, what we go through is not publicized enough! I just wish people would have more compassion and this may even allow for a brief insight as to how much we are affected.

Not enough is done to support us and that in itself is upsetting!  

I still manage to live a pretty much awesome life but sometimes it just gets hard and this year has really been a tough one! I’ve got family and friends that love me regardless and for that I’m grateful. ❤️

A site for those Learning, Loving, Living, Achieving, Caring, Fighting and Surving Sickle Cell Disease. –

I plan to start vlogging and blogging about my experiences living with Sickle Cell Anemia in order to raise awareness so look out for more content from me 😊

Thanks for reading 

Lots of love, Ad 😘

3 thoughts on “MY INVISIBLE ILLNESS!

  1. Am really sorry to hear about how you are taken things slowly each day of your life. In fact I worked with a lady from my country who had the same sickness with her brother. Glory be to God she is still living with her husband and children. She used to be scared but no more . I pray God will give you the Grace to stand against all odds love you.


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