My Sweet Sister.

I thought you would beat this! You was hopeful and always stayed positive but i guess God had his plan. Cancer, what the hell are you doing?! Robbed me of a sister and a great friend!! 23 years of age bubbly and so full of life! My life size barbie doll. It’s so hard to accept that your gone. The conflict of emotions I feel one can’t comprehend… sad one minute, happy the next. I keep smiling but no1 knows the hurt i feel. 

I knew something was up that very evening my heart was so heavy. Sitting in the very same hospital where you laid fighting for the life you was blessed with! The strongest person I know tbh… that night I didn’t sleep one bit, I was just staring into space thinking of you, I couldnt wait till the morning because I wanted to make a call to make sure you were good. Little did i know God had called you home already.. I Called around 9:10 asking of you, the nurse told me she couldn’t pass on no information but offered to take my number and give it to your mum. I was scared and my heart was still heavy, I called my brother worried asking him is it ok that I called because i didn’t want to over step my boundaries he ensured me that it was alright. My family came to visit me I was still worried and my heart was still heavy, after they had left i recieved a message asking of you because people had heard the new and were expressing their grief, I started to panic as i didnt want it to be true but unfortunately it was. Something brought me to you Facebook book page and that is where i got my conformation of your passing! People were sending their condolences to me but still I couldn’t accept it. 

Now 3 weeks have passed since you have been gone and although it still hard to process I am truely thankful for your life.

I just want to say Thank you for being you Goldie, it is crazy how you can be so close to someone and still not realise how much they mean to you! I love you dearly but realised God knows best and it gives me peace knowing that you are at peace! 

Rest In Glory Goldz and continue to sleep well. I Love You ❤  

                    Shine On Sweetheart 💖

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