This post was sitting unfinished for over a year, but since Sickle Cell Awareness month is coming to an end let me just be bold, finish it and post it!  I always find myself getting frustrated because unfortunately, I was born with something I did not ask for. I would not wish this on my […]


My Sweet Sister.

I thought you would beat this! You was hopeful and always stayed positive but i guess God had his plan. Cancer, what the hell are you doing?! Robbed me of a sister and a great friend!! 23 years of age bubbly and so full of life! My life size barbie doll. It’s so hard to […]

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All about me & all about GOD! 

One of the hardest thing i’ve learnt to do over the past 3 years is put myself first. Sometimes life requires you to be selfish. Selfish for the sake of sanity and growth. Your 20’s are probably the most crucial years in your life, you are slowly transitioning into adulthood and have a lot on […]

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Hi Guys! It’s been long right? I Published my first blog and went MIA on yall asses lol! sorry about that and I hope i’m forgiven. I’ve decided to relocate to wordpress from blogspot as it is overall better when it comes to blogging and what not. My first blog “Meeting new people, reconnecting with […]

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